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Freshmen Science Book List  

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General Science

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Smarter Than You Think - Clive Thompson
Call Number: 303.48 Thompson
ISBN: 1594204454
Argues that technology is changing the way we think for the better and that modern technology is making us smarter, better connected, and often deeper thinkers, both as individuals and as a society. Looks at pioneers who have use computers to solve social problems.

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The Greatest Science Stories Never Told - Rick Beyer
Call Number: 500 Beyer
ISBN: 9780061626968
Contains one hundred anecdotes about a variety of inventions, such as the push-button phone, the stethoscope, and the space suit.

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A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson
Call Number: 500 Bryson
ISBN: 9780767908177
Nature and science writer Bill Bryson examines some of mysteries of science, and attempts to understand not only what scientists know, but how they know it.

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Science - Margreet de Heer
Call Number: 500 Heer
ISBN: 9781561637508
What is science? Is it more than just gathering knowledge? The author features herself and her husband Yiri as guides in this graphic novel introduction to the history of science, which covers the topics of math, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and quantum theory.

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The Five Biggest Unsolved Problems in Science - Arthur W. Wiggins; Charles M. Wynn
Call Number: 500 Wiggins
ISBN: 0471268089
The authors identify what they believe to be the five biggest puzzles of science in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and astronomy, and provide an explanation of each problem, as well as a look at the theories that address them.

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The Magic of Reality - Richard Dawkins
Call Number: 501 Dawkins
ISBN: 1439192812
Examines many different natural phenomena in the world, such as how stuff is made of, how old is the universe, and what causes tsunamis, and other topics.

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Coal - Barbara Freese
Call Number: 553.2 Freese
ISBN: 0738204005
A history of our discovery and use of coal that spans the centuries and the continents, from its use as jewelry by the Romans, as economic power tool for China, as bringer of victory for the northern states during the American Civil War, as a cause of death, disease and environmental destruction and as a primary cause of global warming

Cover Art
Sand - Michael Welland
Call Number: 553.6 Welland
ISBN: 9780520254374
Discusses various scientific issues related to sand, including sand forensics, the physics of granular materials, sedimentology, archaeology, planetary exploration, and tales of its ordinary, and dramatic, roles in history, commerce, imagination, and invention.

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Letters to a Young Scientist - Edward O. Wilson
Call Number: 570 Wilson
ISBN: 9780871403773
A collection of twenty letters written by Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist and Harvard professor Edward O. Wilson that discuss his life and career.

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100 Most Important Science Ideas - Mark Henderson; Joanne Baker; Tony Crilly; A. J. Crilly
Call Number: 576.5 Henders
ISBN: 9781554075270
Presents concise explanations of one hundred key concepts from genetics, physics, and mathematics, with research examples and diagrams to describe scientific principles, hypotheses, theorems, and laws, such as chaos theory, dark matter, cloning, Newton's laws of motion, and fractals.

Cover Art
The Wonderful Future That Never Was - Popular Mechanics Press Editors; Gregory Benford
Call Number: 609 Benford
ISBN: 9781588168221
Going to work in your aerial vehicle or taking the nuclear-powered early flight in a space suit made of paper? Sounds outlandish? This was the world predicted by scientists and experts in Popular Mechanics magazine between 1903 and 1969.

Cover Art
Guns, Germs, and Steel - Jared Diamond
Call Number: 909 Diamond
ISBN: 0393317552
The author argues that geographical and environmental factors shaped the modern world. Societies that had had a head start in food production advanced beyond the hunter-gatherer stage, and then developed religion --as well as nasty germs and potent weapons of war --and adventured on sea and land to conquer and decimate preliterate cultures.


Animal Science

Cover Art
Four Fish - Paul Greenberg
Call Number: 333.95 Greenberg
ISBN: 1594202567
Explores the histories of salmon, sea bass, cod, and tuna, describing how their numbers are decreasing in the wild and how higher levels of PCBs and mercury are being found in seafood, and discussing efforts to regain the oceans for healthy and sustainable food sources.

Cover Art
Kingdom under Glass - Jay Kirk
Call Number: 590 Kirk
ISBN: 0312610734
Chronicles the life of Carl Akeley, an American taxidermist known for his realistic preservations of beasts for natural history museums, describing African safaris and big game hunts, his personal relationships, and related topics.

Cover Art
Cry of the Kalahari - Mark Owens; Delia Owens
Call Number: 590 Owens
ISBN: 0395647800
Recounts the authors' seven year stay in the Kalahari Desert where they developed one of the most important conservation research projects ever conducted.

Cover Art
Mammals - Nicholas Wade (Editor)
Call Number: 591.5 Mammals
ISBN: 1585746460
A collection of articles about mammals from the Science Times section of the New York Times that reveal the bizarre behaviors of unusual creatures and little-known facts about common animals.

Cover Art
Animal Wise - Virginia Morell
Call Number: 591.5 Morell
ISBN: 0307461440
How do animals think? Do they have emotions? Can they show sadness or grief? Can they talk to each other? Are fish intelligent? How can scientists prove this? Explores the thoughts and emotions of animals through the current research of scientists studying ants, fish, birds, rats, elephants, dolphins, chimpanzees, dogs, and wolves.

Cover Art
Wild Minds - Marc D. Hauser; Ted Dewan
Call Number: 591.513 Hauser
ISBN: 0805056696
A discussion of the intellectual and emotional lives of animals that asks questions about the common interpretations of their behavior: How do lions determine the number of a competing pride from miles away? Why do dolphins and chimps form coalitions to defend themselves, while other species do not? How is it that a few species can recognize their own image in a mirror when most cannot?

Cover Art
The Deep - Claire Nouvian
Call Number: 591.77 Dee
ISBN: 0226595668
An photographic description of the deep-sea that provides over two hundred, full-color photographs; describes the biology of marine wildlife; explores different habitats; technology developments and a history of deep sea exploration

Cover Art
Spineless Wonders - Richard Conniff
Call Number: 592 CONNIFF
ISBN: 0805042180

Cover Art
Frankenstein's Cat - Emily Anthes
Call Number: 616.02 Anthes
ISBN: 0374158592
Explores the genetic engineering of animals, including cloning endangered species, animal prosthetics, and engineering disease-resistant livestock.

Cover Art
Wicked Bugs - Amy Stewart
Call Number: 632 Stewart
ISBN: 1565129601
Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide information and the histories of one hundred insects that infest, infect, and make trouble for humans, and includes etchings and drawings of the six- and eight-legged pests.

Cover Art
All My Patients Have Tales - Jeff Wells
Call Number: 636.089 Wells
ISBN: 0312537395
A collection of humorous stories from a small-town veterinarian, as he discusses some of his more interesting cases, featuring a turkey attack, a pregnant male cat, a constipated cow, and a giant hog.

Cover Art
The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog - Nancy Ellis-Bell
Call Number: 636.6 Ellis-Bell
ISBN: 030740594X
Nancy Ellis-Bell recounts the experiences she had with an unusual blue-and-gold rescue macaw and shares the lessons she learned from the unique bird.

Cover Art
A World Without Bees - Allison Benjamin; Brian McCallum
Call Number: 638 Benjamin
ISBN: 160598065X
Discusses the reasons for the disappearance of honeybees around the world, including viruses, parasites, and climate change, and examines the agricultural repercussions of a complete loss of the pollinators, which would threaten civilization.

Cover Art
Honey Bees - Stephen Buchmann
Call Number: 638 Buchmann
ISBN: 0385906838
Introduces the intricate world of honeybees, revealing the myriad functions of hives, the fundamental link between bees and humans, a history of trade and honey in the ancient world, honey varieties around the world, and pressing environmental concerns.


Astronomy & Cosmology

Cover Art
NightWatch - Terence Dickinson (Photographer)
Call Number: 520 Dickinson
ISBN: 155407147X
A reference guide to the stars, galaxies, and planets that are visible in the night sky from North America and the Southern hemisphere.

Cover Art
First Contact - Marc Kaufman
Call Number: 520 Kaufman
ISBN: 1439109001
Is there anyone out there? Was there anyone out there? Is life unique to our planet Earth? CSI: Mars? Science writer Marc Kaufman examines theories and discoveries in astrobiology and discusses how they influence our understanding of life on Earth and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Cover Art
Death from the Skies! - Philip C. Plait
Call Number: 520 Plait
ISBN: 0670019976
What if....? We're swallowed by a black hole? The Sun dies? We're hit by a meteor? An astronomy primer uses cataclysmic scenarios to explain some of the universe's most interest-piquing phenomena in a comprehensive and humorous guide that also explains how life on Earth would be affected should the cataclysmic events occur.

Cover Art
Johannes Kepler - William J. Boerst
Call Number: 520.092 Boerst
ISBN: 1883846986
A biography of Johannes Kepler, the seventeenth-century German astronomer and mathematician who formulated the three laws of planetary motion. Other topics include a look at the influence of the work of his peers such as Galileo Galilei, Nicholas Copericus and Tycho Brahe.

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Isaac Asimov's Guide to Earth and Space - Isaac Asimov
Call Number: 520.2 Asimov
ISBN: 0679404376
A wide-ranging exploration of our universe -- from "what makes the wind blow?" to "how was the moon formed?" -- in questions-and-answer format, written in vintage Asimov style.

Cover Art
The Day We Found the Universe - Marcia Bartusiak
Call Number: 520.9 Bartusiak
ISBN: 0375424296
What is the true nature of our universe? Is our universe still expanding? How do we know what we know about the universe? What was the process of discovery in 20th century astronomy? Looks at the work and relationships of the astronomers and physicists who revolutionized our understanding of The Milky Way and the universe.

Cover Art
Hubble - Robin Kerrod; Carole Stott
Call Number: 522 Kerrod
ISBN: 1554073162
Presents three hundred color photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and describes the findings the telescope has provided about the universe, discussing galaxies, individual planets, solar systems, the birth and death of stars, and the reasons Pluto was demoted to non-planetary status.

Cover Art
Death Stars, Weird Galaxies, and a Quasar-Spangled Universe - Karen Taschek
Call Number: 522 Taschek
ISBN: 0826332110
What's really out there on the edge of the universe? Did you know there is ice on Mercury, the red-hot planet? Have you ever wondered what a black hole looks like? How do telescopes "see" so far? Provides a history of radio telescopes, including the Very Large Array telescope in New Mexico, and the discoveries they have made as they travel into the deepest regions of space.

Cover Art
The Universe in a Mirror - Robert Zimmerman
Call Number: 522 Zimmerman
ISBN: 0691146357
What is the future of astronomy? Go behind the scenes and discover the tremendous work and perseverance of the men and women who fought to design and build the Hubble. Includes some of the amazing images produced by the telescope.

Cover Art
How to Live on Mars - Robert Zubrin
Call Number: 523.43 Zubrin
ISBN: 0307407187
A humorous guide to living on Mars, including how to get there, how to choose a spacesuit, how to stay alive, and how to get a well-paying job. Other essentials to pack include technical information on interplanetary orbits, chemical equations for everything from fuels to metals, adjusting the propellant in your rocket for a safe landing, and a guide to turning your barren desert into tropical beachfront property.

Cover Art
How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming - Mike Brown
Call Number: 523.49 Brown
ISBN: 0385531109
Astronomer Mike Brown describes with humor his search for a tenth planet, Eris, a planet more massive than Pluto, and how that led to the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet.

Cover Art
The Pluto Files - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Call Number: 523.49 Tyson
ISBN: 0393065200
Examines the discovery of Pluto, explores its presence in American culture, and discusses the reactions of people after it was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet.

Cover Art
The Measure of All Things - Ken Alder
Call Number: 526.1 ALD
ISBN: 074321675X
Based on long-lost correspondence between two French astronomers who set out in opposite directions during the French Revolution to measure the distance around the world. It turns out that their measurements are contradictory and the information was kept secret for over two hundred years.

Cover Art
Isaac Newton - William J. Boerst
Call Number: 530.092 Boerst
ISBN: 193179801X
Presents the life and work of the famous seventeenth-century British physicist. Focuses on his two works: Principia mathematica and Opticks.

Cover Art
Fire on Earth - John Gribbin; Mary Gribbin (Arranged by)
Call Number: 551.39 Gribbin
ISBN: 0312143354
An engaging and ominous history of how asteroid and comet collisions with the Earth have shaped the course of human events--and the dangers that may lie ahead.

Cover Art
Packing for Mars - Mary Roach
Call Number: 629.44 Roach
ISBN: 0393068471
Explores space travel and answers a number of curious questions about what life would be like without gravity. How much can a person give up? How much weirdness can they take? What happens when you can't walk for a year? Is it worth it?



Cover Art
The Botany of Desire - Michael Pollan
Call Number: 306.4 Pollan
ISBN: 0375760393
Traces the history of four domesticated species, the apple, the tulip, marijuana, and the potato, from the plant's point of view and discusses how they have been cultivated to fill the human need and desire for sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control.

Cover Art
The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology - Masaharu Takemura; Sakura Sogo Jimusho Staff
Call Number: 572.8 Takemura
ISBN: 1593272022
Rin and Ami, sentenced to summer school on the private island of Professor Moro for ditching molecular biology class, get a close-up look at the topic through the use of Moro's virtual reality machine which lets them travel inside the human body.

Cover Art
The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins
Call Number: 576.5 Dawkins
ISBN: 0199291152
Examines the biology of selfishness and altruism in light of Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Cover Art
The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin
Call Number: 576.8 Darwin
ISBN: 0553214632
Presents Darwin's theories of evolution and natural selection and presents scientific evidence in support of his theories.

Cover Art
Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History - Bill Laws
Call Number: 581.6 Laws
ISBN: 1554077982
Profiles fifty plants that have had a significant impact on the economic, political, scientific, and industrial history of mankind.



Cover Art
Napoleon's Buttons - Penny Le Couteur; Jay Burreson
Call Number: 540 Le Couteur
ISBN: 1585422207
Could the failure of Napoleon's campaign be blamed on just the cold Russian winters, or was the disintegration at low temperatures of the tin buttons on their uniforms a factor? Did the European craving for caffeine, a mildly addictive alkaloid molecule, ultimately lead to the Chinese Communist revolution? Did a minor housecleaning mishap lead to the development of modern explosives and the founding of the movie industry? These and other questions are addressed in this unusual look at how small chemical changes can have an enormous impact on history.

Cover Art
Seven Elements That Have Shaped the World - John Browne
Call Number: 546 Browne
ISBN: 1605985406
Iron, carbon, gold, silver, uranium, titanium, and silicon -- these seven elements have changed and continue to change modern life for better and for worse.

Cover Art
The Disappearing Spoon - Sam Kean
Call Number: 546 Kean
ISBN: 0316051640
Examines the stories behind the creation of the periodic table of the elements. Covers the history of all the elements including gold, carbon, silicon, uranium, silver, and neon. Includes a periodic table.

Cover Art
Rosalind Franklin and DNA - Anne Sayre
Call Number: 576.92 Sayre
ISBN: 0393320448
A biography of one of the four scientists responsible for the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, the key to heredity in all living things.


Climate & Weather

Cover Art
The Weather of the Future - Heidi Cullen
Call Number: 363.738 Cullen
ISBN: 006172694X
Examines research and projections about climate change to predict how global warming may affect various parts of the world, including Africa, Australia, California, the Arctic, and New York, if nothing is done to stop it.

Cover Art
Forecast - Stephan Faris
Call Number: 363.738 Faris
ISBN: 0805087796
Discusses how climate change will alter the politics, economy, and culture of the future in various places as water becomes more scarce, crops begin to fail in traditionally lush areas, and populations shift, causing political alliances to be redrawn.

Cover Art
Global Weirdness - Climate Central, Inc. Staff
Call Number: 363.738 Global
ISBN: 0307907309
Is climate ever "normal"? Why do fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases? What are the risks to humans of climate change? Why are mountain glaciers and ice caps melting? Explains climate change, its implications for the future, and what we can, and cannot, do to avoid further change.

Cover Art
A Matter of Degrees - Gino Segre
Call Number: 536 Segre
ISBN: 014200278X
Theoretical physicist Gino Segre presents an exploration of temperature, discussing its importance to other scientific disciplines, including biology, cosmology, quantum mechanics, and others.

Cover Art
Weather - Bruce Buckley; Edward J. Hopkins; Richard Whitaker
Call Number: 551.5 Buckley
ISBN: 1552979571
Describes numerous aspects of weather, including the atmosphere, weather systems, winds, clouds, precipitation that results in floods, extreme weather such as blizzards, tornadoes and Tornado Alley, and hurricanes, the history of meteorology and weather lore, the technology of meteorology, and global climate change and global warming.

Cover Art
Thin Ice - Mark Bowen
Call Number: 551.51 Bowen
ISBN: 0805064435
Offers a detailed background of the science of climatology and explains how carbon dioxide and water vapor interact to regulate the earth's thermostat arguing that scientific evidence shows that use of fossil fuels has accelerated global warming.

Cover Art
The Long Summer - Brian M. Fagan
Call Number: 551.6 Fagan
ISBN: 0465022820
Explores the role of climatic change in transforming human societies over the course of the past 15,000 years.

Cover Art
The Little Ice Age - Brian M. Fagan
Call Number: 551.694 Fagan
ISBN: 9780465022724
Discusses the climatic shifts that characterized the Little Ice Age, a climate event that lasted from 1300 to 1850, and examines the extent to which these weather changes affected the course of European history, and relate to the current global warming crisis.

Cover Art
New England Weather, New England Climate - Gregory A. Zielinski; Barry D. Keim
Call Number: 551.697 Zielinski
ISBN: 1584653124
Presents an overview of the climate and weather in New England, identifies the causes of weather and climate change over the short and long term, looks at the diversity of weather and climate in different parts of the region, describes New England seasons, and discusses how weather events affect New Englanders.


Food & Farming

Cover Art
The American Way of Eating - Tracie McMillan
Call Number: 363.19 McMillan
ISBN: 9781439171950
What's it like to work in the fields all day? Could you live on $12,000 a year? Is it possible to eat a healthy diet on this amount of income? In 2009 the author, Tracie McMillan, began her undercover journey into the way Americans eat. She spent several years working alongside the working poor in the fields of California, in the produce aisle of a Walmart in Detroit, and in the kitchen of an Applebee's in New York.

Cover Art
The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan
Call Number: 394.1 Pollan
ISBN: 1594200823
Offers insight into food consumption in the twenty-first century, explaining how an abundance of unlimited food varieties reveals the responsibilities of consumers to protect their health and the environment. Also available as an e-book.

Cover Art
The Vertical Farm - Dickson Despommier
Call Number: 630 Despommier
ISBN: 9780312611392
Dickson Despommier shares his concept of the vertical farm as a possible solution to the world's food, water, and energy problems, and discusses the many benefits of having crops grown inside skyscrapers.

Cover Art
Hay Fever - Angela Miller
Call Number: 630 Miller
ISBN: 9780470398333
The author tells the story of how she and her husband, escaped Manhattan and purchased a farm in Vermont, and how a simple restoration project ended up as a successful cheese-making business. Includes some of the author's recipes.

Cover Art
Harvest - Geoff Hansen (Photographer); Nicola Smith
Call Number: 630 Smith
ISBN: 1592282342
Photographs and text chronicle a year at a small organic farm in Vermont, describing the struggles Jennifer Megyesi and Kyle Jones faced while trying to start Fat Rooster Farm.

Cover Art
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Barbara Kingsolver
Call Number: 813.54 Kingsolver
ISBN: 9780060852559
After twenty-five years living in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, Barbara Kingsolver and her family move to green and lush southern Appalchia to begin a new life. They are determined to move away from the industrial-food pipeline and grow and eat their own food. What follows is not only an amusing memoir, but an eye-opening statement on America's food supply and a plea for change.


Environmental Science

Cover Art
Wandering Home - Bill McKibben
Call Number: 304.2 McKibben
ISBN: 9781627790208
Environmental activist, Bill McKibben, takes a long walk home through the woods and over the hills across Vermont's Champlain Valley to his former home in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Along the way he contemplates and seeks answers to the environmental challenges that face our planet.

Cover Art
The Story of Stuff - Annie Leonard
Call Number: 306.4 Leonard
ISBN: 143912566X
Why is it cheaper to replace a broken TV than repair it? Why do we toss out cell phones when they still work? What is the cost in health and quality of life for all those who work in factories producing the cheap goods we buy?

Cover Art
Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Thomas L. Friedman
Call Number: 320.5 Friedman
ISBN: 0374166854
Argues that the United States needs to adopt an environmentally friendly national strategy to be healthier, wealthier, and more secure, innovative, and productive.

Cover Art
Girls Gone Green - Lynn Hirshfield
Call Number: 333.72 Hirshfield
ISBN: 0142414069
Profiles eco-conscious young people, describing the lives and accomplishments of women and teenagers who created chemical-free cosmetics, fought global warming, and encouraged the use of wind power and water conservation in an effort to protect the environment.

Cover Art
Over a Barrel - John S. Duffield
Call Number: 333.79 Duffield
ISBN: 0804754993
Analyzes economic and policy-related costs of the United States' dependence on foreign oil and provides suggestions for reducing that dependence, including investment in renewable energy sources.

Cover Art
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - William Kamkwamba; Bryan Mealer
Call Number: 333.79 Kamk- wamba
ISBN: 0061730327
The author details how he ignored naysayers and was able to bring electricity and running water to his village in Malawi by building a makeshift windmill out of scrap metal and spare parts.

Cover Art
Bottlemania - Elizabeth Royte
Call Number: 333.91 Royte
ISBN: 1596913711
An investigation of bottled water that discusses the science, politics, economics, and environmental issues of the industry.

Cover Art
The Future of Life - Edward O. Wilson
Call Number: 333.95 Wilson
ISBN: 0679768114
Argues that many of the world's plants and animals are in danger of becoming extinct because of humans' misuse of the earth's resources and describes the species which are most at risk and spells out the choices we have to address the crisis and also a specific plan to correct it.

Cover Art
American Earth - Bill McKibben (Editor); Al Gore (Foreword by)
Call Number: 363.7 American
ISBN: 1598530208
An anthology of American environmental writing produced since the nineteenth century, featuring works that have contributed to the advancement of the environmental movement, including the essays of Henry David Thoreau, selections from Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass," an excerpt from "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, and Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land."

Cover Art
The Cartoon Guide to the Environment - Larry Gonick; Alice Outwater
Call Number: 363.7 Gonick
ISBN: 0062732749
Uses cartoons to discuss and illustrate main topics of environmental science such as chemical cycles, food webs, population growth, pollution, and global warming, and shows how those issues relate to ecology.

Cover Art
The Green Consumer - Joel Makower; John Elkington; Julia Hailes
Call Number: 363.705 MAKOWER
ISBN: 0140177116
Can we "change the world one diaper at a time?" Discussing "Biobottoms" "Baby Bunz," and cloth diaper companies, as well as "Rainforest Crunch" ice cream and "Styrotrash," this book gives practical information on products and companies to consumers who wish to be more environmentally aware ("green") in their purchases.

Cover Art
Early Spring - Amy Seidl; Bill McKibben (Introduction by)
Call Number: 363.738 Seidl
ISBN: 9780807085844
A message from an ecologist and mother, Amy Seidl, as she documents the climate changes in her local Vermont environment from global warming, such as spring flowers that blossom before the pollinators arrive, the ponds that no longer freeze in the winter, and changes in animal migration patterns.

Cover Art
The Nature of Vermont - Charles W. Johnson
Call Number: 500.974 Johnson
ISBN: 0874518563
This guidebook to Vermont's environment includes photos, diagrams, maps and drawings.

Cover Art
Wetland, Woodland, Wildland - Elizabeth H. Thompson; Eric R. Sorenson; Libby Davidson (Illustrator); Betsy Brigham (Illustrator); Darien McElwain (Illustrator)
Call Number: 500.974 Thompson
ISBN: 158465077X
This book discusses the ecology, geology, climate and history of Vermot's natural world. It combines taxonomy and ecology for a more comprehensive look at the natural world.

Cover Art
Vermont Wild - Eric Nuse (As told by); Megan Price
Call Number: 508 Nuse
ISBN: 0982887213
"Hilarious true Vermont stories of lovesick moose, hungry bears, raucous raccoons, wily poachers, a goofy tracking dog, and the most ingenious use of dynamite you'll ever read...Anyone of any age who enjoys outdoor stories and a good laugh will love this book!"---Cover.

Cover Art
Moby-Duck - Donovan Hohn
Call Number: 551.46 Hohn
ISBN: 0670022195
Journalist Donovan Hohn chronicles his quest to learn about the mysterious loss of 28,800 of plastic bath toys at sea, discussing the discoveries he made during his conversations with environmentalists, experts in oceanography, and various other individuals.

Cover Art
The Human Experiment - Jane Poynter
Call Number: 577 Poynter
ISBN: 156025775X
Imagine four men and four women who in 1991 lock themselves into a three-acre greenhouse in the Arizona desert and live there for two years, completely cut off from the outside world. Environmentalist Jane Poynter provides an account of what her life was like while living in Biosphere 2, detailing the scientific work and personal conflicts that occurred over her two-year stay in the artificial closed ecological system in Oracle, Arizona.

Cover Art
Eco-Tracking - Daniel Shaw
Call Number: 577 Shaw
ISBN: 082634531X
Provides information on becoming an eco-tracker, describing how to observe and record what changes are occurring in your local environment.

Cover Art
Silent Spring - Rachel Carson
Call Number: 577.27 Carson
ISBN: 061825305x
Presents Rachel Carson's 1962 environmental classic "Silent Spring," which identified the dangers of indiscriminate pesticide use. Also available as an e-book.


Health and Nutrition

Cover Art
Don't Swallow Your Gum! - Aaron Carroll; Rachel Vreeman; Carroll Vreeman
Call Number: 612 Carroll
ISBN: 031253387X
Examines a number of medical myths and misconceptions and exposes the truth behind them.

Cover Art
Brainworks - Michael S. Sweeney
Call Number: 612.8 Sweeney
ISBN: 1426207573
Contains experiments that demonstrate the human brain's response to various visual tricks or illusions, and explains why the brain reacts the way it does to various sights, sounds, and memories.

Cover Art
Food Alert! - Morton Satin
Call Number: 615.9 Satin
ISBN: 0816069697
Provides historical background on the topic of food-borne diseases; identifies the twenty most common causes of food-borne illness in the kitchen; examines the dangers of various foods; discusses consumer protection issues; and describes the different types of food-borne pathogens.

Cover Art
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers - Robert M. Sapolsky
Call Number: 616 Sapolsky
ISBN: 0805073698
Discusses the physiological effect and the psychological effect that stress has and explains the different symptoms, illnesses, and problems stress causes in everyday life; includes information on stress-related diseases, stress management, and coping.

Cover Art
Smoking Ears and Screaming Teeth - Trevor Norton
Call Number: 616.02 Norton
ISBN: 1605983756
Shares the astonishing and disturbing stories of the exploits of doctors and scientists who conducted experiments ON THEMSELVES in their quests for scientific knowledge and discovery.

Cover Art
Med Head - James Patterson; Hal Friedman
Call Number: 616.8 Patterson
ISBN: 9780316076173
Tells the true story of Cory Friedman and his thirteen-year battle with Tourette syndrome, numerous medications and treatments, and his family's determination to find help for their son.

Cover Art
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - Oliver Sacks
Call Number: 616.8 Sacks
ISBN: 0684853949
Explores neurological disorders and their effects upon the minds and lives of those affected. Topics include the loss of neurological faculties such as memory, powers of visualization, word-recognition. Also looks at patients who have an excess of neurological functions causing such hyper states as chorea, tics, Tourette's syndrome, phantom limbs, autism, and Parkinsonism

Cover Art
Next to Nothing - Carrie Arnold; B. Timothy Walsh
Call Number: 616.85 Arnold
ISBN: 9780195309669
Carrie describes the isolation, desperation, and shame that were part of her battle with anorexia which began when she was 12 years old. As an adult, she describes her search for help, her relapse, therapy, denial then acceptance of her disorder, and the long road to recovery.

Cover Art
What You Must Think of Me - Emily Ford; Michael R. Liebowitz; Linda Wasmer Andrews
Call Number: 616.85 Ford
ISBN: 0195313031
Publication Date: 2007-07-10
A comprehensive account of one teenager's experience with social anxiety disorder (SAD) written in an easy to understand language and style. Covers the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of SAD, and how to get and make the most of professional help.

Cover Art
Monochrome Days - Cait Irwin; Linda Wasmer Andrews; Dwight L. Evans
Call Number: 616.85 Irwin
ISBN: 9780195310054
The author, who was diagnosed with major depression at the age of fourteen, tells the story of her experience with the illness. Includes information to help answer questions about symptoms, causes, treatment, and the management of depression at home and at school.

Cover Art
The Thought That Counts - Jared Douglas Kant (Editor); Linda Wasmer Andrews; Martin Franklin
Call Number: 616.85 Kant
ISBN: 9780195316896
The author was diagnosed at age 11 with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and tells the story of his experience with this difficult illness and its symptoms such as the spread of deadly germs and diseases and the unrelenting need to count and check things. Includes recognizing causes, warning signs, diagnosis, where to find help, effective treatments for OCD in young people, and managing symptoms at home and at school.

Cover Art
Chasing the High - Kyle Keegan; Howard B. Moss (As told to); Beryl Lieff Benderly; Howard Moss
Call Number: 616.86 Keegan
ISBN: 9780195314724
Kyle's experimentation with alcohol and drugs becomes a serious addiction to heroin that nearly destroys his life. This is the story of his early days of alcohol and drugs and his decline into a life of crime and homelessness where right and wrong and family have no meaning.

Cover Art
Mind Race - Patrick E. Jamieson; Moira A. Rynn (As told to)
Call Number: 616.89 Jamieson
ISBN: 0195309057
An optimistic and practical guide for teenagers who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Includes the causes, risk factors, symptoms, treatment and management of the disorder, and offers guidance on such issues as psychiatric hospitalization, living with mood-stabilizing medications, and how to talk to your family and friends about mental illness.

Cover Art
Me, Myself, and Them - Kurt Snyder; Raquel E. Gur; Linda Wasmer Andrews; Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands' adolescent mental health initiative Staff (Contribution by); Annenberg Public Policy Center Staff (Contribution by)
Call Number: 616.89 Snyder
ISBN: 9780195311228
The author, whose schizophrenia began when he was eighteen years old, includes the different types of schizophrenia, how a diagnosis is made, the science of the illness, the psychotherapies and medications available to treat schizophrenia, and living with schizophrenia.


Forensic Science & Pathology

Cover Art
Case Closed? - Susan Hughes; Michael Wandelmaier (Illustrator)
Call Number: 363.25 Hughes
ISBN: 9781554533626
Using modern technology and traditional search techniques, including DNA analysis and CAT scans, to solve mysteries including that of the missing female pharaoh Hatshepsut, the lost city of Ubar, a missing Israeli submarine, a lost climber on Mount Everest, a lost Russian princess, and the location of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin.

Cover Art
Corpse - Jessica Snyder Sachs
Call Number: 363.25 Sachs
ISBN: 073820336X
Outside the fictional world of murder mysteries, time of death determinations have remained infamously elusive, bedeviling criminal investigators throughout history. Armed with an array of high-tech devices and tests, the world's best forensic pathologists are doing their best to shift the balance. This is a case in which nature might just trump technology: Insects, plants, and biochemicals found near the body are turning out to be the fiercest weapons in our crime-fighting arsenal.

Cover Art
When Plague Strikes - James Cross Giblin
Call Number: 614.49 Giblin
ISBN: 0060258543
Begins with an introductory look at the disease that killed a third of the population of Athens in 430 B.C., continues with a discussion of the causes of disease and the body's immune response, and concludes with an in-depth study of the Black Death, or bubonic plague, smallpox, and the AIDS epidemic.

Cover Art
The Ghost Map - Steven Johnson
Call Number: 614.5 JOH
ISBN: 1594489254
An account of the worst cholera outbreak in Victorian London in the summer of 1854, and an exploration of how Dr. John Snow's solution revolutionized the way we think about disease in cities.


Natural History

Cover Art
The Bone Woman - Clea Koff
Call Number: 363.25 Koff
ISBN: 1400060648
Forensic anthropologist Clea Koff chronicles the experiences she had during her involvement in the UN International Criminal Tribunal's missions to Rwanda to uncover physical evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Cover Art
Dinosaur in a Haystack - Stephen Jay Gould
Call Number: 508 Gould
ISBN: 0517888246
Presents thirty-four essays, most previously published in "Natural History" magazine, in which the author explores the connection of evolutionary thought to academic, social, and political issues.

Cover Art
The Bird in the Waterfall - Jerry Dennis
Call Number: 508.316 Dennis
ISBN: 0060170948
While exploring waterfalls and artesian springs, ocean waves and tidal bores, whirligig beetles and torrent ducks, author Jerry Dennis and artist Glenn Wolff address age-old aquatic mysteries: Why do rivers meander? What are the sources of hot springs and geysers? What causes tsunamis and rogue waves? Why is water blue—and sometimes green, black, yellow, or red? Why do we gather to watch falling water and crashing surf? Why do we toss coins into fountains?

Cover Art
Sahara - Marq De Villiers; Sheila Hirtle
Call Number: 508.66 De Vil
ISBN: 0802713726
Provides an account of the Sahara, the world's largest desert, describing its geological features, and tracing the history of the peoples who have adapted to live in its harsh climate.

Discovering Fossil Fishes - John Maisy; John G. Maisey
Call Number: 567 Maisey
ISBN: 0805043667
Traces the evolution of fish over the course of 500 million years, describing the discovery of their fossil remains and explaining what these ancient animals tell us about our own place in the history of life. Combines current scientific information with entertaining tales about historic and contemporary fieldwork to bring to life the development of armored fish, monster sharks and fish with limbs.

Cover Art
Ice Age Mammals of North America - Ian Lange
Call Number: 569 Lange
ISBN: 0878424032
An illustrated overview of North America's Pleistocene-epoch mammals that includes profiles of various animals and discusses the geologic lead-up to the ice ages and the possible causes of extinction. Includes a glossary, a bibliography, and a list of museums and fossil sites.

Cover Art
Lucy's Child - Donald C. Johanson; James Shreeve
Call Number: 569.9 Johanson
ISBN: 0688064922
A tale of adventure and discovery unfolds with this account of Donald Johanson's famous fossil find--the earliest hominid skeleton. Johanson takes readers to Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania on the dusty archaelogical dig, and to the heart of the controversy surrounding his tremendous find.

Cover Art
Origins - Rebecca Stefoff
Call Number: 569.9 Stefoff
ISBN: 0761441832
Describes the search for the earliest human ancestors, from ancient apes to the australopiths.

Cover Art
Modern Humans - Rebecca Stefoff
Call Number: 569.9 Stefoff
ISBN: 0761441875
Describes the rise of modern humans, Homo sapiens, including the theories about their origins and how they spread throughout the world, with information based on the fossil record and DNA studies.

Cover Art
Ice Age Neanderthals - Rebecca Stefoff
Call Number: 569.9 Stefoff
ISBN: 0761441867
A history of the Neanderthals, a species of human beings who lived in Eurasia for hundreds of thousands of years and who became extinct when our species, Homo sapiens, came into being.

Cover Art
First Humans - Rebecca Stefoff
Call Number: 569.9 Stefoff
ISBN: 0761441840
Describes the search for early branches of the human family tree, including the first true humans, members of the genus Homo.

Cover Art
Masters of the Planet - Ian Tattersall
Call Number: 599.93 Tattersall
ISBN: 023010875X
How did we get from hunted to hunter, ancient ape to modern human and top predator? Discusses the factors that led Homo sapiens to survive as the only human species while the rest became extinct 50,000 years ago.



Cover Art
The Physics of Star Trek - Lawrence M. Krauss
Call Number: 500.5 Krause
ISBN: 9780465002047
Introduces physics as it analyzes the science behind "Star Trek," explaining the intricacies of warp speed and showing the difference between a holodeck and a hologram.

Cover Art
Star Trek and Beyond - Lawrence M. Krauss
Call Number: 500.5 Krauss
ISBN: 046500637x
Looks at the way new discoveries in physics and astronony have been absorbed into the popular culture of television and movies.

Cover Art
Physics of Baseball - Robert K. Adair
Call Number: 530 Adair
ISBN: 9780060084363
Explores the physics behind various aspects of the game of baseball, discussing the flight of the ball, the swing of the bat, pitching, the properties of bats, batting the ball, running, fielding, and throwing.

Cover Art
Cartoon Guide to Physics - Larry Gonick
Call Number: 530 Gonick
ISBN: 0064636186
Explains the laws and theories of physics with funny, clear, illustrations. Includes chapters on mechanics, including energy, forces, momentum and motion, and electricity and magnetism, including capacitors, electric currents, relativity, AC and DC and quantum electrodynamics.

Cover Art
The Physics of Hockey - Alain Haché
Call Number: 530 Hache
ISBN: 0801870712
Examines the scientific principles behind the game of ice hockey, looking at the physics of ice, skating, shooting, body checking and collisions, how protective gear works and other aspects of the sport.

Cover Art
The Manga Guide to Physics - Hideo Nitta; Keita Takatsu
Call Number: 530 Nitta
ISBN: 9781593271961
An introduction to physics, featuring manga illustrations that explain classical mechanics, the physics of everyday objects, parabolic motion, Newton's laws of motion, vector diagrams, kinetic energy, and related topics.

Cover Art
The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics - James Kakalios
Call Number: 530.12
ISBN: 9781592404797
Reveals everyday instances in which people use quantum mechanics and explains the fundamentals and basic principles with examples from science-fiction pulp magazines and comic books.


Man Made & Natural Disasters

Cover Art
No Apparent Danger - Victoria Bruce
Call Number: 551.21 Bruce
ISBN: 0060199202
A detailed account of two volcanoes in Columbia: Nevado del Ruiz which erupted in November 1985, completely destroying the city of Armero and killing 23,000 people: and Galeras, in southern Columbia that erupted on January 14, 1993, claiming the lives of six scientists and three tourists. The author describes the turbulent history of Columbia and the geology of its snow-peaked volcanoes to show how clashing cultures and scientific arrogance resulted in tragic and unnecessary loss of life.

Cover Art
Full Body Burden - Kristen Iversen
Call Number: 363.17 Iverse
ISBN: 030795563X
The author tells the story of growing up near Rocky Flats, a secret nuclear weapons plant working with plutonium in Colorado, and investigates accidents and government concealed toxic and radioactive waste released by the plant.

Cover Art
Meltdown - Wilborn Hampton
Call Number: 363.179 Hampton
ISBN: 0763607150
March 28, 1979: It was 4 a.m. at the nuclear power plant on an island in
the middle of the Susquehanna River. Suddenly, an alarm shrieked. Something was wrong inside the plant. Within minutes, human error and technical failure triggered the worst nuclear power accident in the United States, and, within hours, the eyes of the world would be on Three Mile Island. Thirty-four years after the bombing of Hiroshima, the crisis at Three Mile Island re-awoke the world to the dangers of nuclear power, and now, in MELTDOWN, Wilborn Hampton tells the hour-by-hour story of covering the accident as a U.P.I. reporter. His riveting eyewitness account will compel readers to consider one of the most serious questions facing humankind: where can we find affordable, sustainable energy, and at what risk?

Cover Art
Magnitude 8 - Philip L. Fradkin; Philip Fradkin
Call Number: 551.22 Fradkin
ISBN: 0805046968
Provides a history of earthquakes, telling stories of legendary quakes in New York, New England, Europe, and other locations around the world; and takes a tour along California's San Andreas Fault, discussing why people choose to live in the path of danger.

Cover Art
Fifteen Seconds
Call Number: 551.22 Fifteen
ISBN: 1559630418
This photo journal is a series of pictures, quotes and captions that illustrate the destructive force of earthquake that shook California in 1989.


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